Benefits and Features

CARDXC enabling You to create online business card and publish it to the world. In other hand it can be used as your tool to "efficiently" create business card using your own printer.

Main purpose of CARDXC is enabling You to create business card and publish it to the world. This is a creative way to market yourself or increase your personal branding. To fulfill that, We have put a lot of feature on each profile page.

You can also use CARDXC as your tool to efficiently design and print business card using your own printer. Thanks to our intuitive business card creator and powerful printing capability so You do not need to calibrate the dimension of Business card. Just focus on Your design and click on print button below the cards. You will have a cut ready beautiful business card.

Below are the summary of features you will have on oyour profile page:

Business Card features

  • Unlimited Creativity of Business Card
    Our business card generator have unlimited possibilities of design. This because not only have a comprehensive set of designing tools, but also capability of uploading your image or artwork.
  • Powerful print capability
    Each of business card have print button which enabling user to print your business card with exactly the same dimension as your credit card. You don’t have to think about calibrating the dimension. let our system do that.
  • Download as VCARD
    The information on your business card then can be save as vcard. A practical solution for digital era.
  • Embed to any site
    We let you put your business card on your own website or somewhere else so your web visitor will easier to get your Business Card (let them print yourcard).
  • Short URL
    We also provide shorter URL for your profile page so you or your client will easier to remember your card URL. a shorter URL also means less text space.
  • Gravatar
    If you have image on gravatar, it will automatically showed on your profile page
  • You/Your Business Description
    You may describe yourself. This is important since the main purpose is marketing You.
  • Online Link
    You can put your “second life” address such as your facebook profile, twitter, myspace, or other social life on your profile page. All information is in one page.
  • Share Button
    You can publish your profile page to other social web service with ease. With this feature, increasing a traffic on your profile page is not that hard anymore. You can easily share your page into your Facebook account, send to your friend via e-mail, bookmark it to digg, and many more
  • Search Engine Optimized Page
    Yes, Your profile page is comply on Search Engine Optimization standard. Just make sure you type good description and related keywords (This is important because search engine will read on that). And let the traffic from search engine flowing on your page.
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