Landscape business card template. Use farm landscape photograph as background. Green and blue color combination will make it more fresh looking. This business card design suitable for everyone working on farm or natural related job field.
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Sometimes we want to show to other people that we are a big fun of something. Then creating a business card with our idol printed as background would be very cool right? This time I design a business card for movie geek (just like me). And since I am a big fan of Transformer the movie I create a cool business card with optimus prime face as it background. I choose a modern font so it blend with overall card looking. So if you one of optimus prime big fan too just like me, why don't you print this business card at home using glossy paper? that would be nice I think!
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Business card template using world wide map for its background. This template suitable formal type job field.
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I don,t have any idea what this business card suit for. But I think job area on children education, kindergarten, or such a job field could use this. The balloon photo on the background I take by myself using Nokia 73 and use some color editing in photoshop. Nice isnt it? :D. Use as you wish! :)
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a neutral business card template design. Can be implemented for any job field. You only need tweaking the text layout, color or font type using text editor.
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I am playing with pattern creator. This is one of patterned business card template
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