a Business card template using sea and flying seagull bird as background. It have color of dark deep blue with white text. very exclusive, beside I am sure that sea and the bird have some meaning or psychological impact for reader.
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Panda is the cutest among all bear. It has unique color and shape on their body. even WWF use this animal for their logogram. I am inspired to use them as my business card design as you see on the left. I add green color for company name since panda eat greens (bamboo leaves am I right?) and a curvy font so have a classy looking. But of course you may edit it as you like.
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This is a business card design for aerobic instructor. I use a silhouette of girl doing stretching exercise. an Aerobic is related to body, and body is always curvy that's why I make the layout more curvy. Actually there are much possibility for the image, and I think you could change it as the way you want. This business card design use image from mzacha at sxc.hu
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Business card template for photographer. This clean style template has strong brand due to its image (a camera lens). It just use monochrome color which usually loved by photographer. Simple, elegant, clean!
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I call this design: "Out of the box business card" due to its unique design. Using pinned notepaper and use hand writing font will make this more friendly appealing business card. I bet everyone you gave this card will always remember you. it stick to their memory. Use this business card template design as you wish
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Business card for interior designer or architects. use interior 3D design to represent its job field.
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