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Businesscard template from Derek

a unique business card template. I use irregularity element in design so it make “unique and free” feeling. This card is informal type design.
by Derek » Preview . Use
12345 37 votes

Businesscard template from marco

Simple Business card
by marco » Preview . Use
12345 25 votes

Businesscard template from Jeffins

Okay this is my second business card template. I intent this business card to be used for everybody in art industry. The colorful background represent anything “art”. especially on painting field.
12345 18 votes

Businesscard template from end88

by end88 » Preview . Use
12345 15 votes

Businesscard template from arismawan

a grunge, dirty style business card. Cool isn’t it? feel free to use the way you want.
12345 14 votes

Businesscard template from arweenata

Business card template for florist. very feminine color and shape. for female florist only (I think). Feel free to use it
12345 12 votes
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