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Businesscard template from RQV

by RQV » Preview . Use
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Businesscard template from leomarca

Bazar Mayorista
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Businesscard template from anyemas

negocio de bisuteria
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Businesscard template from arweenata

a Goes Green business card template. this theme using a fresh color combination and a crop of leaves photograph. This is suitable for fresh company image. something like “creativity”, “clean”, “efficient”.
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Businesscard template from arweenata

Business card template for florist. very feminine color and shape. for female florist only (I think). Feel free to use it
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Businesscard template from remmy

Panda is the cutest among all bear. It has unique color and shape on their body. even WWF use this animal for their logogram. I am inspired to use them as my business card design as you see on the left. I add green color for company name since panda eat greens (bamboo leaves am I right?) and a curvy font so have a classy looking. But of course you may edit it as you like.
by remmy » Preview . Use
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