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Businesscard template from vivi

by vivi » Preview . Use
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Businesscard template from Stickman

I make all types of walking sticks, shillelagh’s, hiking poles and other wood products made from tree branches, limbs and wood. I never cut down a tree and use only parts from trees already down or dead in the bush. Another source is peoples landscape cuttings. I try to be as Eco Friendly as possible and try to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the original wood piece.
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Businesscard template from laura tellez

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Businesscard template from arweenata

sunset business card design. If you like gold color for your design, then this template would be suitable for you. This kind of background business card have very contrast characteristic. Black background with white text. Very Nice!
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Businesscard template from mariusctin_5000

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Businesscard template from mozaieks

web and graphic design
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