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Businesscard template from dommauro

Portale annuncio della parola di Dio
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Businesscard template from Derek

Business card template for engineers are rare on this site. That’s why I create one. I’m not an engineer, but I think some mechanical or construction tool will represent that. The photograph is taken from Ove Tøpfer’s at He have a lot of great stock photo. I’ll take his photo again for my next business card template. So Engineers,.. enjoy it :)
by Derek » Preview . Use
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Businesscard template from hasnan

simple design, great use for professional
by hasnan » Preview . Use
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Businesscard template from arismawan

I don,t have any idea what this business card suit for. But I think job area on children education, kindergarten, or such a job field could use this. The balloon photo on the background I take by myself using Nokia 73 and use some color editing in photoshop. Nice isnt it? :D. Use as you wish! :)
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Businesscard template from okihelfiska

a unique business card template suitable for people fans of Valentino Rossi.
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Businesscard template from arismawan

a neutral business card template design. Can be implemented for any job field. You only need tweaking the text layout, color or font type using text editor.
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