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Businesscard template from alearianna

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Businesscard template from kelldexholland

Disponibiliso caixas decoradas em decoupagem e outras formas de decoração de acordo com o gosto do cliente. Também vendo pães de mel e cones trufados de varios sabores,dentre eles maracujá,cereja,doce de leite com coco,doce de leite,ameixa,beijinho,brigadeiro,limão,etc.
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Businesscard template from marco

Simple Business card
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Businesscard template from remmy

I call this design: “Out of the box business card” due to its unique design. Using pinned notepaper and use hand writing font will make this more friendly appealing business card. I bet everyone you gave this card will always remember you. it stick to their memory. Use this business card template design as you wish
by remmy » Preview . Use
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Businesscard template from Jeffins

Okay this is my second business card template. I intent this business card to be used for everybody in art industry. The colorful background represent anything “art”. especially on painting field.
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Businesscard template from jess13474

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