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Businesscard template from senapazio

libro e amici
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Businesscard template from suncito

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Businesscard template from Rabenfrau

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Businesscard template from arweenata

Generally if we design with a violin shape on It, then the overall feeling would be very “classic” style. But I have my own approach when dealing with this thing. I want a modern design style. but still focussed on the violin it self. My solution is by adding black bar color just like in panoramic movie. This bar would create some simple feeling which is representation of modern design. The business card template itself suitable for musician, orchestra related, art, and so on. The violin picture was taken from
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Businesscard template from remmy

Business card template for photographer. This clean style template has strong brand due to its image (a camera lens). It just use monochrome color which usually loved by photographer. Simple, elegant, clean!
by remmy » Preview . Use
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